Winter healthcare messages

With the weather getting colder again we decided to take a closer look at our winter messaging. We already had quite a bundle on file, but we decided to work with our partner Trusts to create this updated selection of winter messages. These messages can easily be recreated into any NHS Trust branding and the information can be personalised to fit the needs of another Trust or a specific campaign. Let’s take a look at the new messages:


During the cold winter months when everybody spends a lot of time inside together, it’s important to remind your patients and visitors to wash their hands regularly.


Another common winter illness is Norovirus. Patients always find it useful to be warned of the effects of the virus, and what to do if they catch it.


We talked about the importance of exercise in our  summer messages , but it’s also a good idea to inspire your patients and visitors to keep moving during the colder months.


A sore throat is another common winter ailment – this soothing advice from the NHS is bound to be well received.


A few choice tips about healthy eating in winter is a great idea for your screens – especially with the season of excess just around the corner.


Finally, it’s important to remind people about the flu vaccine, where to get it and what to do if they’re eligible for a free vaccination.

Is this something your NHS Trust would be interested in? If you would like to talk to us about putting these messages onto digital signage in your hospital, making a few changes or even to discuss other messaging options please get in touch!