A&E patient information displays

One of the best spots for digital signage in hospitals is the A&E department. It’s a high footfall area and people are usually waiting there for quite some time, so it’s the perfect location for important communications and healthcare messages from your Trust. We’ve been working with the largest Trusts in the country and now have a growing number of digital displays in some of the busiest A&E departments in London and around the UK. Previously we’ve written quite a bit about how some of our hospitals are using their A&E screens to publicise the NHS Choose Well campaign, and the other healthcare options open to the public rather than visiting A&E. Well, that’s not the only great use for A&E Screens.


How can digital signage benefit patients and visitors to A&E?

• Keep your patients informed about current wait times, with messages that are fully editable by hospital staff

 Improve patient and visitor experience at the hospital with healthcare messages that are interesting and informative, in addition to direct communications from the Trust

 Ensure patients understand the processes at A&E

 Educate patients about other healthcare clinics and resources available to them in the community, such as late night pharmacies and walk-in clinics, in line with the NHS Choose Well campaign


We set everything up for you, and with our content management and creation service we’ll work with you to develop as many different messages as you like, all within your Trust’s branding. It’s that easy. Right now we’ve got some brilliant deals and bundles available specifically for A&E areas, so if you feel that your Trust isn’t communicating with A&E patients as well as you should be, please contact us by calling 0845 337 3329 or emailing info@healthcaremessaging.co.uk.