Cancer care digital signage

We've previously discussed how digital signage can help to educate the public on cancer screening initiatives and knowing when to see a doctor to get something checked, so we decided to share a few more of our cancer messages. This time, not messages surrounding cancer screening, but messages of support and interest to those who have cancer and are visiting the hospital for treatment. Here are five of our most useful and informative messages for cancer sufferers.


1. King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – Cancer Helpline

Cancer can be a stressful and traumatic journey – from diagnosis through to treatment. Not just for the cancer patient, but for their friends, relatives and carers as well. King’s wants these people to know about the  support they have available through their helpline, so we created this message for them. Advice is only a phone call or email away, and being able to reach out to someone during this anxious time can make all the difference.



2. St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust – Breast Reconstruction

All kinds of things can worry and disquiet a cancer patient. Thoughts about the future and what their bodies will be like are common with breast cancer survivors. We’ve made this uplifting message for St George’s celebrating the fact that they’re one of the national centres of excellence for breast cancer treatment and breast reconstructive surgery. Messages like these can go a small way towards comforting someone who needs it.


3. St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust – Firefly Surgery

This is another interesting and positive message we’ve created for St George’s. Lots of hospitals like to create messages about healthcare innovations and new technology, but this one specifically talks about robotic surgery techniques in use. St George’s was the first hospital in the UK to be able to accurately remove cancerous tumours from a kidney using Firefly technology and the da Vinci surgical robot. Now that’s a message that will bring hope to many people fighting cancer!


4. University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – Frequently Asked Questions

We know we can’t cover every cancer-related topic in depth on digital signage. Even if we did it’s likely that no one would be in the waiting room long enough to see all of them. So it’s important to include information for patients about where they can source information more specific for their needs. We’ve created a series of these ‘FAQ’ messages for UCLH, covering topics like radiography, expenses and emotional support. Definitely useful for cancer patients and their families.


University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – Meet the staff

And lastly we’ve also created a wonderful selection of messages for UCLH that allows you to virtually ‘meet the staff’ and get to know a little bit more about the people who work in Radiography, what it is they do and how they can help you.  Complete with a name and a photo, it’s a great way to get to know who’s who and learn to navigate your way through cancer. Recommended for all wards and hospitals.