New healthcare messages for September

September is always a busy month with everyone returning to work from their summer holidays and working in the healthcare sector is no different.

We wanted to give everyone a heads up about all the fabulous healthcare events in the pipeline over the next month. By "everyone" we mean hospitals, patients, staff, visitors, you know, everyone. Enough people so that the Awareness Fairy felt that she had really achieved her goals and beyond with these upcoming awareness campaigns.

What kind of awareness campaigns are we focussing on this September? Well, let's start the month off with Organ Donation Week (5-11 September). Here's a message from Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust, letting people know how to add their names to the organ donor register.


We've also created these more generic messages for King's College NHS Foundation Trust that can stay on their screens long after Organ Donation Week is over and continue getting names added to that register.


Next we move onto Sexual Health Week (12-18 September). The team over at Barts Health NHS Trust already have a wide selection of useful messages on their screens in their sexual health clinics, so a message highlighting Sexual Health Week was only natural. Here's what we came up with:

Bright, colourful and with a focus on STIs and getting tested, we think it fits the bill perfectly. We've created quite a few variations of this message for NHS trusts all over the country.

Now, that week's not just about sexual health. It's also Blood Pressure Week so we've created a message for that as well.

When was the last time you had your blood pressure checked? We want to get people thinking while they're waiting or visiting hospitals and give them information on how to access a free blood pressure test to make sure they're safe. This message gets straight to the point.

Lastly, for the whole of September we'll be acknowledging Urology Awareness Month.

One in two people in the UK will develop a urlological condition in their lifetime, but most people don't really know what that means. So we're working with our partner trusts to create all kinds of urological messages for their digital signage to help educate the public and remove the stigma around discussing urological health.

Now that our healthcare signage networks are up to date and looking good it must be time to begin planning for October.