A&E Screens

Let’s take a look at how our partner Trusts have used their patient information screens in A&E to educate the public.

It started off with this message from King’s College NHS Foundation Trust in London, pointing out that many people using A&E could be making better use of other healthcare options available:

Since then, we’ve had the NHS Choose Well campaign launched throughout hospital Trusts all over the country on social media, print media and online, with interactive games, animated videos and lots of good information. Increasingly, many of our partner Trusts have also been using their patient information screens for a specifically created Choose Well message. Granted, the people who see these messages are already in hospital, either as a patient or a visitor, but they’re not solely being shown on A&E screens. If a patient has an ongoing health concern it is important that they are educated about the best and most efficient ways to take control of their health with issues that will arise in the future.

Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust were another Trust who already had an A&E message live on their screens 6 months ago. Since then they’ve updated their message for both hospitals to include current data and figures, and also added the easily recognisable Choose Well thermometer logo to tie in with the campaign.

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust were also quite taken with the Choose Well branding, opting to repackage the graphics supplied into their own branded template for this simplistic yet striking message:


Not to be outdone, Barts Health NHS Trust came up with a selection of 8 different messages about the matter! These will sit in their playlists; dispersed amongst their other messages; increasing the chances that any visitor to the hospital will see and notice at least one of them. As there are 8 messages they also manage to cover the topic in a much more thorough manner, with a detailed explanation of  the various healthcare services available, how to access them and advice where further information is required.

It’s great to see the Choose Well campaign in action on our patient information screens, and hopefully we’ll soon see a positive effect with the way people use NHS A&E services.