Digital signage helps the public give back to their NHS

Digital signage is a great way for visitors, patients and hospital volunteers to find out how to do more for their local hospital. A great message that we’ve made for pretty much every Trust we work with is this one:

The above example is for St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust, but everyone wants a piece of this action. If people spend a lot of time in hospital, whether for work, to visit a friend or relative, or because they themselves are a patient, they begin to care about the hospital. Often, they want to become involved. It’s important that people know of the options available to them, especially surrounding becoming  a member of their local NHS Trust. This can be advantageous for everyone, as it gives patients, visitors and staff a voice when it comes to consulting on hospital matters and being up to date with everything important that happens around the Trust. Having a good relationship with the surrounding community is key to improving the healthcare services the Trust provides.

Trust members also have the opportunity to vote in the Trust’s Governors’ Elections, or even to stand as a Governor themselves. This message we've previously made for Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is a great example:

When Kingston Hospital are looking for people to stand for election it’s important that as many people see this message as possible and know that the opportunity is available. On top of hosting awareness sessions in October, they have information about this all over their website and the many patient information screens we’ve installed throughout the hospital also play an important communications role for both the staff and the patients. Many facets of hospital communications can be improved with the use of digital signage in wards, waiting areas, entrances, clinics and corridors. Giving patients and visitors information that is important to your Trust is important to them, and with creative digital signage you can do it in a modern, easy to manage way that’s easy on the eye and reinforces your Trust’s branding guidelines and voice to a far greater effect than white boards and notice boards.

Find out more about how digital signage can benefit your hospital communication strategy today, it’s really easy. Just contact us here, or have a look through one of our galleries and see some digital signage in action – it’s pretty impressive!