Allergy Awareness and Digital Signage

Digital signage can be great for raising awareness of many great things. We may have mentioned this before. Today we’ll be blogging about how digital displays can deliver a continuous reminder about allergies to both staff and patients in hospitals. Raising awareness of all allergic conditions (including food, respiratory, skin and children’s allergies), is vitally important in many hospital situations. Here’s how three of our partner hospitals have incorporated allergy information into their normal, everyday playlists:


UCLH – Are you allergic to any medicines?

Many screens around UCLH show this basic message reminding patients to remind their health professionals about any allergies to medicines. This is a potentially lifesaving step and can’t be repeated enough, so it’s great to see it up on the screens via a rotating playlist. This ensures allergies stay at the forefront of your doctor’s mind and empowers patients to speak about allergies, even to reiterate information they’ve already given.


Royal Free London – Please tell us about your allergies

The Royal Free London also has an allergy message on their playlists, but this one also includes a visual reminder about food allergies. It’s important that your doctor knows all of your food allergies as well as specific medicine allergies, as this could affect which medications they decide to give you. It’s a great message for helping to keep patients safe and healthy.


King’s College Hospital – Please bring all your medication with you when you come and see a doctor

King’s College Hospital have chosen an even simpler message. They ask that all patients bring all their medication with them (or a list of all medication) when they come to see a doctor. That way they can make an informed decision regarding which medications they should be on and where a change can be made. It all goes a long way towards avoiding a bad reaction.


Allergy Awareness Week in the UK runs from 20-26 April 2015. Allergy UK will be using this week to draw attention towards the plight of the allergy sufferer. Hopefully more messages like the above will be created to help further this worthy cause in hospitals around the country. If you’d like to more about the Awareness Week you can check out the website.