Clinical precision on hospital digital signage

We create many different messages every day for our partner Trusts to display on their digital displays - each one tailored to the Trust it represents with branding, photography and bespoke information to fit. While a lot of our messages are intended to appear on mulitple screens across various hospital sites, we're creating more and more messages that are specifically for one screen or clinic.
Frequently these days Trusts are realising that digital displays are a fantastic way to get intricate and specific information across to their patients and staff, and are therefore installing screens in areas that require an abundance of tailored information in one place.

One great example of this is sexual health. Patients visiting a sexual health clinic can learn a lot from our patient information screens, whether they’re there to discuss contraception or to treat an infection. The screens are a fantastic communicative device as they avoid any embarrassment or nerves a patient may feel when talking to a clinician for the first time. We’ve also created messages for patients regarding who they can bring with them to an appointment, and who their healthcare information will be passed on to, in order to put their minds at ease. Once a patient or visitor has seen a selection of messages and learnt a little more about the clinic we hope they’ll have a better idea of the questions they need to ask, and feel more comfortable doing so.

We’ve also made some important messages for various cancer clinics, HIV clinics, antenatal clinics and eye clinics, among many others. Our message creation service allows our our partner Trusts to create as many messages as they need to give these clinic patients information specific to their needs, quickly and professionally designed for maximum impact.


Need something really specific? We also offer messages with built in RSS feeds that hospital staff can log into and update, so immediate clinic information can be placed on the screens for the benefit of those waiting. This can included doctor and consultant names, clinic times and information on any delays that may happen.


The Patient Information Initiative is continuing to grow, and we’ve now created a huge variety of messages covering many kinds of healthcare and a large selection of clinics. If you’re looking for something quite specific for your healthcare screens, please get in touch. We can create bespoke messages from scratch, so even if you’re clinic is completely unique we can help!