Healthcare messages for women

Previously, we’ve looked at some our brilliant healthcare messages especially tailored for children and men, so this week we thought we’d have a look at the messages for the girls. The women. The ladies, if you prefer.

We’ve narrowed it down to 5 of our favourite female orientated messages – though it was a tough job choosing only these 5 from our huge catalogue of deserving messages.

Let’s start in the maternity ward:

1. Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

I’m pretty sure for many women a first pregnancy can be quite scary. Everything is new, foreign, uncharted territory. What should you do? What shouldn’t you do? What the heck is going on down there? Fortunately, this friendly message from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is here to allay your fears. It contains information on antenatal classes, and a good contact number to keep should you wish to tour the maternity unit. Familiarity can be a key component to calm any anxiety women may be experiencing about the impending birth. As the message says, preparation is everything, and while you can’t prepare for everything, arming yourself with important information is a good place to start.


2. Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

The learning curve doesn’t stop once you’ve had the baby. Instead, you’re now faced with a whole new spectrum of life changing antics, choices and practices. Breastfeeding can be difficult. Women need support during this emotional time of change, and Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust has created a wonderful website all about breastfeeding in Sheffield to help support mothers. It’s packed full of useful information and even has an interactive map of breastfeeding-friendly places around the city. Hospital screens are the perfect place to publicise this website so that new mothers can easily source these facts.


3. Barts Health NHS Trust

Not ready for those antenatal classes just yet? Then contraception may be your best friend. However, there are more choices available to women than just the Pill or condoms, something many women don’t realise. In fact there are 15 methods of contraception available in the UK. Women who see this message will hopefully feel empowered to speak to a health professional about the best options available to them and find a successful choice that fits in well with their lifestyle and wellbeing.


4. St Georges’s Healthcare NHS Trust

 This is an uplifting message about an incredibly serious subject. Breast cancer affects many women and this can be a scary and uncertain time. Some women are comforted by the thought of being able to return to their old ‘feminine’ shape after cancer has altered their bodies. St George’s is one of the national centres of excellence for breast cancer treatment and breast reconstructive surgery, so this message is intended to give patients peace of mind, knowing they’re receiving the best treatment available.


5. University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

There’s an inkling of an idea that has invaded the public psyche that heart attacks are mainly a male problem. Women have heart attacks too, though usually later in life than men. This is a serious message that includes the symptoms of a heart attack (something everyone, male of female, should know) and also helps to bring heart health to the attention of women who could be at risk and not realise it.


Those are our top 5 female messages. They’re supportive, informative, concise and useful, and many women and their families around the country are benefitting from this information being made easily available to them.