Hepatitis Messaging

World Hepatitis Day is the 28 July and many NHS hospitals are using their patient information display to bring awareness to issues surrounding hepatitis infection in the UK and around the world. We’ve created this message for Barts Health NHS Trust:

It’s a great way to inform patients about the day and any events the Trust is holding to support people with hepatitis.

We’ve also created this message specifically about hepatitis C, which can stay on the screens for a longer period of time, even after World Hepatitis Day is over:


This message has all the vital information patients need; their chance of having previously contracted the disease, a list of risky behaviours to avoid and contact information for the Hepatitis C Trust’s Confidential Helpline. This makes it easy to arrange a test if patients or visitors have any concerns about their hepatitis status.

Digital signage is an incredibly efficient way of raising awareness for many medical conditions and diseases and getting information about testing and treatment to the people who need to know. We work with many trusts to make all kinds of messages on this basic theme. Hepatitis has taken the spotlight this July and over the coming year this brilliant message will be seen by more than 10million hospital patients and visitors around the UK. It’s a brilliant way to ensure people are aware and able to access the help they need.