New healthcare messages for October

October is another busy month in healthcare, with lots of exciting new content going up on our patient information screens. What’s been setting our pixels alight lately? Well, let’s start with Stoptober.

Smoking cessation messages are a year round necessity for most playlists, but for Stoptober we up the ante a little with a few extra messages and an added dollop of encouragement. This particular message has been all the rage for the last few weeks, here’s an example from our Doncaster and Bassetlaw NHS Foundation Trust displays:

A classic, clean smokefree message. Minimal text, strong photography and clear information make this a brilliant message.

We’re also starting to put up plenty of flu related messages for Trusts around the country. Reminders about flu jabs, messages specifically for hospital staff and infection control messages are all popular and important at this time of year as we head deeper and deeper into cold and flu season.

 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we’ve created these two messages for Barts Health NHS Trust to help raise awareness and inform women of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. This second message in particular will probably remain on hospital playlists much longer than just October and will continue to raise awareness and possibly even save lives throughout the rest of the year.

 October is also National Cholesterol month, so it’s a good time to get people thinking about exercise and diet as the weather cools down and comfort food starts to become the preferred option for most meals! We’ve created one message, again for Barts Health, that focuses mainly on exercise and one that focuses more on diet and what can be swapped and replaced in your normal eating routine to create a healthier you! Again, this message can stay on screens longer than just National Cholesterol Month and continue making a difference to hospital patients and visitors all over the country.

If you’d like to see some of these messages your Trust’s patient information screens, or just to learn more about putting digital displays into your hospital please do get in touch.