Staff Room Signage

We operate the Patient Information Initiative, and that’s mainly what we do: patient information. But patients aren’t the only people who see our screens every day. Visitors also see them, of course. But there’s another group of people our information caters to regularly: hospital staff.

They see our patient information messages, they see our general hospital messages, and in a few hospitals we even have screens in staff-only areas, so they see our staff specific messages as well! These hospitals find it really useful to have a screen available just for staff – a place to put important reminders in a format that will be kept up to date and doesn’t get as messy as a traditional notice board. In addition, digital signage usually attracts more attention than a small note on a crowded board, as each message gets its time in the sun with the rotating playlist. Here are a few of the best messages for staff only zones that we’ve created:

1) Sheffield Children’s – Education

Sheffield - elearning.jpg

We’ve made lots of messages for Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust surrounding staff training. These includes dates, times and training calendars, reminders and important e-learning information about passwords and compliance. There are also a few messages from the Educator’s Office regarding upcoming events for staff to join. Digital signage is a great way for the hospital to keep the staff on top of all training and education opportunities as they arise.


2) Sheffield Children’s – Safety information

We also make lots of little safety bulletins for Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. These include reminders about MRSA swabs, warnings, discoveries and health risks that have recently come to light, and lots of other snippets of information that will be of use to staff.


3) Sheffield Children’s – Meetings and Support Groups

Meetings can creep up on you. When you’re busy the days can just fly by, and it can be easy to forget dates, times and group support opportunities available to hospital staff. Digital signage helps to keep these things fresh in their minds.


 4) UCLH – Security

Security is important, as this message from University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust demonstrates. Small reminders like this help staff to save time and energy by letting them know when they’ll need their ID passes so that they can be prepared. This is especially useful if staff are moving between buildings, clinics or areas with differing security requirements.


5) UCLH – Useful numbers

Important numbers, names, websites or even addresses are a great addition to any staff-only digital signage screen. With The Healthcare Messaging Group in control you can ensure that this type message will always be up to date and accurate, as we can amend any number changes as you need them, or even make this kind of message editable via RSS feed so that hospital staff can edit it themselves with the details that are important to them.


There is a lot of scope still to explore with digital signage for hospital staff, especially with patient safety messages, editable RSS feeds and monthly ward statistics that staff need to be aware of. The more we talk to hospitals about this, the more exciting ideas for messages we come back with. It definitely represents a growing need for staff information to be clear and accessible, and another great way to utilise digital signage in hospitals.