Vaccination Messages for Healthcare Digital Displays

We’ve just created a few new exciting messages, so exciting in fact that we can’t just sit here gawking at them as they scroll across our in office signage! We need to blog about them! This is serious stuff and the sooner we tell the world the sooner we can get more of these messages up on hospital screens all around the country.

We worked with Barts Health NHS Trust to create this particular series of messages about vaccinations. We covered both travel vaccinations for adults and childhood vaccinations, and focussed on the basic facts surrounding each.

As it’s high travel season we decided to start with a basic message about travel vaccinations. Your GP is the best place to start when finding out whether you’ll need vaccinations and medical advice for your chosen travel destination, and a number of vaccines are available free of charge on the NHS. Your GP can also offer practical advice for the location, such as how to protect yourself from malaria. It’s always best to start searching for this information well ahead of your trip, so placing this message on screens around NHS hospitals is a great way to give members of the public a gentle reminder the phone their doctor.

The next message we created focuses on childhood vaccinations, and when they begin for newborn babies. It clearly explains when you need to begin your child’s vaccine regime and why that’s the best time according to the NHS. A very important message for new parents who may have some apprehensions about vaccinating such a tiny baby.

Lastly we included this message about why you should vaccinate your children, driving home the message that vaccination is quick, safe and extremely effective. A very reassuring and important message for everyone who has questions about vaccination.

We plan to roll out these vaccination messages on hospital screens around the UK. If you’d like to see them displayed at your hospital let us know!