What is Digital Signage?

We’ve been going on about our love for digital signage for a while now. It’s what we do. It’s our life force. It’s the thing we’re thinking about while on the telephone to a major corporate conglomerate with repetitive hold music. We love it. But does the term mean anything to you?

Have you found yourself uncomfortably nodding along with us while we blather on, not quite understanding what this digital signage thing is and why you should care? Are you afraid of jumping into the rabbit hole of boredom and technical jargon? Fear not! It’s really quite simple.

Digital signage is just like regular signage. But, get this: it’s digital. And it’s better. Instead of printing posters and banners with important healthcare messages that take up valuable wall space, we put all kinds of messages onto huge screens, positioned strategically around NHS hospitals to target areas with the most traffic, such as main entrances and busy outpatient areas. When we say ‘screens’ we don’t mean those cheap televisions you buy in Dixons, either. These are professional displays of the highest quality. We use Samsung LED mostly, in sizes chosen to fit the area. Usually that’s between 32″ and 55″. We can even create video walls. Take a moment, and picture that vast display of deliciousness. Now calm yourself, we have more to discuss.

Because our signage is digital it’s not restricted to one static image. Our screens display video, animation and a variety of slides created to fit with the branding of the NHS Trust they represent. We can load 25 different messages onto a screen, with each message scheduled to display 12 times an hour. We take care of all the creative design, the Trust has complete control over all content, screens are supplied for free and the whole thing can be revenue generating for the Trust, but that’s for another time.

So that’s our Patient Information Initiative. Messages are easily updated, swapped or even personalised to a particular location or ward. For example, screens in a maternity ward display information relevant to new parents. Screens in large waiting areas can display an editable RSS feed of the day’s clinics, along side doctor names and wait times. This sits alongside other important messages around infection control, disease awareness and other pieces of information the Trust would like to broadcast.

It’s an enhanced communication experience for all and it’s built to last. Our commitment is to quality, starting with a bright, slimline display, a thin and non-distracting bezel, and a super powerful media player to handle all of the content thrown at it. An automatic on and off timer is also key, so that we know that our screens are always up and running when you need them.

Patient information has never been so up to date or useful, and it’s all thanks to digital signage.