Empowering patients with clear, consistent and timely information

The Healthcare Messaging Group communicates key healthcare and patient information messages, keeping patients, visitors and staff up to date with clear, consistent and timely information in some of the UK’s largest NHS Hospitals.

Maybe your Trust already has screens in use which are not being utilised effectively?

Or maybe your Trust has been considering digital displays but doesn’t have the time to manage a new communication tool?

•  We will work closely with your Trust’s communication department to develop dynamic relevant messaging within your hospital’s brand style

•  Ongoing screen management and creative design services are provided at a low annual cost to Trusts, providing a brand new, exciting patient communication platform

•  Only your desired messaging will appear on the screens – this is not a platform for advertising

•  Messages can be updated and refreshed at any time

•  No messages will go live without the approval of the Trust

The Healthcare Messaging Group is proven to improve the experience of patients in some of the largest hospitals in the UK.  To read the results from the hospital’s patient surveys, please click here.