Proven to improve patient experience

Hospitals that we work with conducted patient surveys to measure the effectiveness of the Patient Information Initiative…

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Digital signage in hospitals

Fulfil your Trust’s strategic requirements to communicate clear and up to date healthcare and patient information…

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Generating revenue for your hospital

If your Trust wishes, the Patient Information Initiative can be cost neutral or even revenue generating by working with our revenue team…

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‘Virtual nurse’ to help reduce infection

All hospitals have a zero tolerance approach to infection. The virtual nurse will provide a meet and greet service to promote hand hygiene…

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Cancer care

August 21, 2014

Following on from our last blog where we discussed how digital signage can help to educate the public on cancer screening initiatives and knowing when...Read more

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Cancer screening

August 18, 2014

Cancer is one of the scariest words in the English language. Whether it affects you directly, or your friends and loved ones, it’s always the ne...Read more

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