Encouraging exercise with digital signage

We have a great selection of exercise-focussed messages all year around – for sunny days, overcast Autumn days and even some that focus on indoor activity for those harsh winter days.

We always have messages promoting charity walks, runs and bike rides, which many hospital charities use as a successful fundraising opportunity, but what about the people who aren’t quite at that level? We also try to encourage some of the more sedentary folks into exercise and digital signage in hospitals is a perfect first step to get people thinking about how active they are.

This message from Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is really just to remind people that exercise isn’t just for professional athletes! The message reiterates the fact that you don’t have to compete at a high level to keep fit, it’s easy to stay healthy with just 150 minutes of exercise a week.  It also offers suggestions about where to go for further information about starting to exercise.

We also created these messages about ageing and bone health. Exercise can be an important part of staying healthy as you get older and these messages promote that. Some trusts, like St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, offer special exercise classes for people with certain health conditions and digital signage is a great way to promote these classes within appropriate clinics and waiting areas.

The below message from Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust focusses on general all round health for the over 40s – specifically women, as this message comes from a gynaecology clinic playlist. It mentions bones losing their density and an active lifestyle being key to maintaining your bones.

The great thing about digital signage is that we can make many variations of the same message for specific clinics within one hospital. Each waiting area or clinic can have a messages highlighting the best kinds of exercise for the people who are most likely to see it – whether those people are elderly, male, female, busy families who may want to exercise together or people with certain medical conditions. This is especially useful for messages about things like exercise, where too generic a message may put people off, or continue the mindset that exercise is for “young healthy athletes”. Putting lots of active messages on hospital digital signage can encourage people to take part in local activities and get moving!