We've reached 10million patients

The Patient Information Initiative has recently reached a huge milestone. With help from our hospitals, we’ve worked out that we’re reaching at least 10 million hospital patients, visitors and staff per annum. That’s right, each year our healthcare messages on digital signage in NHS Trusts across the country are viewed by more than 10 million people. And we have every indication that it’s only set to increase as the Initiative gains more momentum, more Trusts come on board with us and more screens are added into the system.

We are immensely proud of this achievement, as not only are we helping the public to access healthcare information when they need it the most, we’re also helping to generate a valuable revenue stream for the Trusts. As a bonus, this huge number of people reached is great news for our corporate sponsors. Each of our healthcare messages is sponsored, usually by a company who works closely with the NHS, often in the healthcare field themselves. Knowing that their business identity is visible across such a public and successful healthcare forum is exactly why they back the Patient Information Initiative, and we’re sure it will help us continue to attract such top quality sponsors in the future.

Coming this far with the Patient Information Initiative in four short years is a huge accomplishment for our team. We’re working hard and talking with lots of new NHS Trusts to introduce them to this unique initiative. It’s a privilege to work in such a rewarding field and to be able to support the NHS and public healthcare in the UK through both revenue gifting and healthcare education for the public in general. It definitely gives us a sunny demeanour and keeps us all turning up to work bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to reach our next 10 million patients!