Digital signage in audiology clinics

One of the most useful and most obvious places for digital signage in a hospital setting is the audiology department. It’s easy to see why. If you have a group of people in a waiting room that are all likely to have hearing difficulties you need your hospital communications to be as clear and as visual as possible, and this is where digital signage excels. We’ve create a whole raft of messages for Audiology departments, including these stunners from the clinic at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.


The above message is the classic, and probably the most useful. The clinic and wait time messages we create can have all their information easily input by the hospital staff as often as necessary. No need to shout information at people who may have difficulty hearing it, it’s all printed clearly and cleanly on the screen in front of them (or multiple screens if it’s a big department!)

pWe also like to include information about clinics and services that are likely to be useful further down the line for people in the clinic. Like this message about hearing aid repair walk in clinics. It’s something that many people might not realise exists, or may be unsure of where to find information about it so it’s a great addition to the screens. In a similar vein are these two messages about children’s services:

These messages highlight support groups and services available to families with children affected by hearing loss. Great information and contact details provided for for families who feel they need a little extra help.

As people often don’t visit the clinic alone but tend to bring along friends or family member for support, we’ve made this message with lots of useful tips for speaking to someone with hearing loss. If a close friend or loved one has only recently begun experiencing problems with hearing these tips may be something that you’ve never had to consider before, making these tips invaluable.

Finally, we’ve made this brilliant message about volunteers. Audiology clinics often need help and support from volunteers. Becoming a Hearing Support Volunteer or a Befriending Volunteer is an incredibly rewarding way to spend your time. Let’s spread the word!