Managing your digital signage

Do you wish your life was a little bit easier? Just that little bit simpler, with fewer mundane tasks to complete and more time to devote to the things that really matter? That’s the feeling we’ve gotten from a lot of the NHS communications teams we’ve worked with over the years. They’re busy, they’re slightly stressed out and they’ve got a lot on their plates. It’s a job that never ends and most NHS communications teams do a fantastic job of making sure the magnitude of the workload doesn’t get on top of them. Essentially what I’m trying to say is, we realised early on that if we wanted to show hospitals how beneficial digital signage and digital patient information messages could be for them, then we needed to make one of our key focuses to be lightening the load of the comms department.

So that’s what we do. Our service is devoted to taking away the extra duties involved with installing digital signage, so comms teams can get on with the important stuff. We take away the worries and the cares.

Worried about creating professional looking messages for your patients?
Don’t be. Our skilled designers will work with your Trust’s brand guidelines to make a message template you’ll be proud to display in your hospital. Then we’ll create every single message you need. You can supply the text and image to us for use as is, or we can help out with copywriting and choosing an appropriate image from your hospital’s own stock. We can even source outside stock photography if need be. It’s a breeze.

Worried about choosing messages?
Don’t be. We’ll create any message you want and put them on any screen you want. Our digital displays don’t all have to play the same messages, so feel free to get specific and tailor your messages! We don’t even limit the number of messages we’ll make for you, let those creative juices flow. If you do suspect that you’re not using your screens to their maximum potential, or you just don’t have the time to properly think about new content then we’ll be in contact often with message suggestions and ideas based on what other Trusts are doing and new NHS healthcare campaigns that are topical. We’ve got a pretty good idea of what hospitals want on their screens by now, so this part is easy.

Worried about scheduling?
Don’t be. Say you want us to create a message about an upcoming event. That’s a great idea. Oh, but it only needs to be on the screens for two weeks, after that it will start confusing patients. That means that you have to remember when it comes down so you can remind us, right? Nope, you don’t have to worry about that. You just tell us when messages should be live on the screens (or when they shouldn’t be) and we’ll take care of everything. You can forget about the whole thing once we know that the message we’ve created has your approval. We’ve got this. Whether you need a message to be up for six months, two weeks, one day or three hours over the course of a random Tuesday, we can automate that so that you can move on to the next thing.

Could this digital signage lark be any simpler? Well, if it could, let us know, we just love to simplify hospital communications to make it easier and more effective for everyone.